We don’t just want anything.

We want the best
piezoelectric sensors.

For clients with highest demands for quality, durability and precision. This is why we count on long-term partnerships and intensive cooperation – within our teams and with our clients. Only then, we can develop the innovative and technologically outstanding sensors we are known for. Sensors that help optimize engines, machines and processes and thereby preserve our global resources.

We want to grow profitably, but in a sustainable way. And that is only possible with employees for whom professionalism and fun on the job always go together.

The client comes first. Everything else follows.
We're only happy when everything is perfect.
For us, faster is always better than slower.
Boredom is for the others - we look for challenges.
We give our clients what they need, not what we want to sell.
If no-one else can do it, we can.
Working with us is a challenge that is fun.
We don't just offer products, we solve problems.
We're not a provider - we want to be the preferred partner.