The reduction of energy consumption and emissions are key topics for future combustion engines and automotive mobility.

Despite all efforts towards alternative driving concepts, internal combustion engines will still play a central role in the coming decades. Therefore, combustion is still being measured and optimized in development departments of all engine manufacturers worldwide. The main tool for this purpose is the indicating sensor for measuring pressure in a cylinder. These sensors must measure with high precision under all development conditions (cold start, full load, transient conditions, knocking). The combination of thermal shock and pressure surges puts extremely high demands on the materials used, in addition to very high temperature gradients and acceleration.

Piezocryst sensors are used by leading OEMs worldwide. Examples range from engines for chainsaws, snowmobiles, cars and trucks to ship engines. In addition, specific solutions for high-stress engines such as Formula 1 or motorcycle racing engines are available. Likewise, there are tailor-made solutions for different fuel types: gasoline, diesel, gas (including hydrogen), heavy oil and bio-fuels. (Products)

Expert Info our cylinder pressure sensor


The GH15D is a cylinder pressure sensor specifically designed for demanding R&D tasks and limited space. It has an M5 casing with Double-Shell™ technology for decoupling mechanical disturbances and a space-saving M3 plug connector. Thermal sensitivity change is only 0.5% at 250°C ± 100°C, the linearity could be lowered to ≤ ± 0,3% FSO.