Modern plastic molding technology is characterized by very high quality standards and an increasing number of complex injection-molding parts, all under enormous cost pressure.

A key factor in increasing quality and efficiency in the area of injection molding is cavity pressure. This value characterizes the filling phase, the compression phase and the holding pressure phase and thus provides the relevant parameters to control and improve the process. For many customers with safety-critical components, quality control and documentation are also of crucial importance to process optimization. For example, product traceability is of central importance in the automotive and medical industry. Through the precise measurement of cavity pressure, all production information for each part is available and can be documented in a component-specific way.

Expert Info our pressure transducer


The pressure transducer 6011BC is optimized for reliable measurement of cavity pressure in confined spaces. Because of its special design it is particularly easy to install and has a total length of only 17.2 mm with a detachable cable that can be easily replaced if damaged.