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Hans-List-Platz 1
A 8020 Graz
Tel: +43 316 787 530
Fax: +43 316 787 591

Commercial register of the local court Graz: FN 214668p
Sales tax identification number: ATU53252108

Applicable Status: Austrian Company Law (GmbH Gesetz) and Austrian Industrial Code (Gewerbeordnung)

Bankers: Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG Graz
Account: 08826744800, Bank Code: 12.000
BIC / Swift code: BKAUATWW
IBAN: AT 93 1100 0088 2674 4800

Disclosure pursuant to § 25 MedienG (media act)

Media proprietor: Piezocryst Advanced Sensorics GmbH; Hans-List-Platz 1; A-8020 Graz; Austria

Object of the company: Development, manufacturing and distribution of sensoric devices, especially piezoelectric pressure sensors, piezoelectric force sensors, piezoelectric strain sensors, piezoelectric accelerometers. Development and distribution of related amplifier electronics and data acquisition electronics and manufacturing of high precision mechanical parts

Manager: Dr. Michael Hirschler, Dr. Dietmar Kröger
Shareholder: AVL Holding GmbH
Basic orientation: Optimal information for customers, interested parties, and staff of Piezocryst Advanced Sensorics GmbH.

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September 23th, 2005